Many young people learn the game of bridge while they are in high school or college.  Some continue to play, but many more do not.  Even though bridge is played worldwide by people of all ages, youth participation is lacking in the United States.  Bridge for Youth was formed in order to involve local bridge players in programs designed to teach the game of bridge to players age 10 to 26.


Kids, if you are interested in learning bridge, check out our Seattle Bridge Day Camp!


It will be six days of fun, and you will learn a game that you will be able to play anywhere in the world for the rest of your life.  Get more information about the Seattle Bridge Day Camp by contacting Ann Romeo (annromeo@gmail.com)


Can’t make it to camp in July?  Talk to your parents and teachers about forming an after-school bridge club.  Bridge for Youth will match your school with a volunteer who will meet with your club to teach you the game.  Sounds good?  Well, get this: it’s FREE!!!  Bridge for Youth will provide everything you need.


Besides the summer camp, Bridge for Youth is active in organizing and growth the UW Bridge Club.  We offer free supervised play for college players and a sanctioned ABCL game once a week.  We are proud to say that the University of Washington were the intercollegiate national champions in 2013, and we hope to be able to keep up the tradition by developing future national champs.


If you are interested in teaching or volunteering to assist in the summer camp, bridge in the schools,  or the UW Bridge Club, please contact Ann Romeo (annromeo@gmail.com)


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