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All Grown Up – Seattle Bridge Day Camp

The Word Is Out. Thanks to articles in the ACBL Bulletin & local Bridge newsletters & websites, our little 3-camper day camp secret in 2011 exploded to 20 this year! The 4th annual day camp teaching Standard American Bridge just ended on July 12, but we’re still glowing with excitement & pride in the program we love & the campers & parents we’ve met! Three of the 20 campers actually arrived from out-of-state, specifically to attend Seattle Bridge Day Camp! New features this year were a 6-day program (not 5) & a newer, roomier facility centrally located between Seattle & Bellevue, WA. Though our program will add more “levels” as we grow, we’ll always feature short, focused presentations followed by prepared hands on those topics just taught. Excellent, ACBL-certified teachers (Alan Tesler & Nick Tipton) & devoted coaches- all Bridge nuts who love kids- assist each 4some, as needed, with their practice hands. But it’s not all fun & games learning to play Bridge. Sometimes we make the kids do construction work & take food breaks… (Life is tough at Day Camp!)


The last day of camp is Our Grand Finale Bridge Bash/Show-Off  for Family Day! It’s no coincidence that new camper buddies were encouraged to sit together with their parents in the mix. (YES, we’re hoping the parents become friends so their kids can play Bridge together between annual camps!) The final event of the day was a mini duplicate tournament, where campers partnered with a new buddy, family member, or coach. As usual, all hands were prepared to cover only the topics studied. It was fun watching the pairs gather around Director Nick as the computer posted the results.  (It was also the quietest 30 seconds in 6 days!)  Big Congratulations to Daniel He (a 4th yr camper)  / his dad Shidong He with 73.81% (SCORE!!!) AND Jeff Tu (a 3rd yr camper) / coach Ruthie Bunin with 66.07%, the 1st place winners in each direction! We’re so very proud of all of you who played in this fun event.


Special thanks to the ACBL & Seattle Bridge Unit 446 for their generous support & encouragement. We intend to repay you with some fresh, bright players who will one day knock your socks off!

To learn more about our program OR to be added to our mailing list for 2015’s day camp, please contact Larry Li at or 206-353-7220.

UW Team wins the 2013 Intercollegiate National Championship

We are proud to say that the University of Washington were the intercollegiate national champions in 2013, and we hope to be able to keep up the tradition by developing future national champs.

Besides the summer camp, Bridge for Youth is active in organizing and growth the UW Bridge Club.  We offer free supervised play for college players and a sanctioned ABCL game once a week.

Congratulations to the UW Team – 2013 Intercollegiate National Champions!

Bridge debut for Daniel and Jeff, on Aug. 26.

“Congratulations to Jeff & Daniel for making their Bridge debut on Aug 26, 2012. Both boys are recent graduates of Bridge for Youth Summer Day Camp & will be 8th graders in September. We’re all rooting for them, as they play in Swiss Teams at the Lynnwood Regionals. Their team of 4 will include Daniel’s dad & Larry Li. The boys will practice their new bidding & playing skills, practice Bridge etiquette, playing faster, and teamwork. We’re so proud of them! HAVE FUN:)”

Bridge 4 Youth Summer Camp

2012 Bridge for Youth Day Camp


Bridge 4 Youth Summer Camp

Having Fun!


During 5 days of camp, Nick presented all basic, Standard American bidding in short, focused lectures. Students enjoyed practicing the bid just learned, planning the play of the hand, and especially playing the hand, as each student became Declarer. Following the last lectures on Saturday morning, Annie & Bonnie (aka The Twins), big brother Jeff, Aidan, & returning student Daniel partnered with guests, visiting family, or each other to show off their new skills in a mini-tournament, followed by pizza. Congratulations to all the students for their Bridge accomplishments in just FIVE days. Special Congrats to Daniel He   for winning the mini-tournament!

Bridge for Youth Summer Day Camp is a passion for all the Board members & the volunteers directly involved, under the leadership of Larry Li, whose vision is responsible for the recent effort to introduce Bridge to young people in the Seattle area. A special thanks to Nick Tipton (instructor & coach), Marsha Rayton (curriculum), Cheryl Zettler (coach), Doug Wake, Mirjana Reams, and Melinda Westgate, for their efforts in & outside the classroom.

We hope all our students will return next year, as learning Bridge is a life-long pleasure! Please tell your friends & teachers about our program. For more information about upcoming events & next summer’s day camp, phone 206-962-1501, check this website often, and “LIKE” our new Facebook page

Tax Deductable Donations

After the long wait of 9 months, we finally obtained tax-exempt status
from the IRS. Now we can officially receive donations and issue tax
deducible receipts.  We held our first board of directors’ meeting in
December; Larry Li, Barbara Nist, Marsha Rayton, Ann Romeo, and Nick
Tipton were elected directors of this non-profit organization.

In association with Pacific Galleries, Bridge For Youth can offer
appraisals and donation receipts for charitable items given to the
organization. Free pickup will also be provided.

Bridge Lessons in Community Centers

In the next few months, Bridge For Youth will be contacting community
centers in the greater Seattle area. We would like to offer bridge
lessons at different community centers, aiming to teach bridge to
youth as well as adults. Youth can learn how to play bridge with their
parents or grandparents, a game they can all enjoy together. Teachers
for this program will be paid by Bridge For Youth or participating
community centers.

Kimball Elementary School

Bridge for Youth is continuing to make progress toward educating adolescents in the fun and exciting game of bridge

Our In-School program, with the pilot after-school bridge lesson, has launched in Kimball Elementary School. The first lesson started on Oct. 7, with nine 4th and 5th graders. We are grateful that Nick Tipton is volunteering to teach this group of youngsters. If more students enroll in the class next quarter, Nick might need another volunteer to assist him in teaching and supervising the kids.